EU Projects Managers & Administrators VET Programme

The main aim of the project is to offer to organisations which are registered as charitable in Cyprus or Greece (charitable organisation(s)), the opportunity to participate in EU funding programmes, including but not limited to: Erasmus+, CERV, AMIF, Creative Europe, Interreg and Horizon Europe. With the project’s implementation, the aforementioned organisations will have the opportunity to maximise their participation in EU funding programmes and essentially increase their outreach to the society beyond national borders and at the same time offer their expertise and valuable know-how to a project consortium.

Specifically, the project’s objective is to design and develop a VET course for new-coming or less experienced (max 2 year of experience) project managers and project administrators of charitable organisations. The training will cover all the cycles of a project, i.e. from the conceptualisation of a project idea and the writing of the concept note, to the finding of partners, the writing of the proposal, to the project implementation during the project’s life cycle and the exploitation of the project’s results after the end of the project.

The two main planned outcomes of the project will be:

  • the development of a report which maps the required skills and needs of project managers and administrators who are employed or volunteer in charitable organisations (skills report); and
  • the design and development of the VET course, which will integrate the results of the skills report. The structure of the course will be flexible enough in order to allow the course to be tailor made based on the needs and gaps that a charitable organisation has. The course will be delivered not only by using traditional teaching methods and tools but it will also integrate the use of digital tools. At the end of the project the course will be registered on the EPALE platform.