Target Groups

During the project’s lifecycle, the target group for the present project will be charitable organisations in Cyprus and Greece with a special focus on organisations which deal with environmental protection, climate change, gender equality, social inclusion and the promotion of participation in democratic life.

More specifically, the project will be directed to new-coming or less experienced project managers and project administrators of these charitable organisations. The reason why the project will focus on this target is because most times this kind of organisations often lack the operational capacity or even the financial means to invest in their staffs’ training for EU funded project management and coordination while at the same time, especially if they have not participated in an EU funded project before, find it difficult to understand how an EU funded project proposal is conceptualised, implemented, coordinated and managed. Often, this deters this kind of organisations to participate in EU funded programmes and thus they miss the opportunity to widen their outreach.

At the same time, the consortium believes that these organisations have an important role in today’s society through their know-how and dedication to their charitable purposes. In general, charitable organisations are considered to be essential actors in the field of social and environmental policy.

They regularly engage in dialogue with authorities on a regional, national and/or European level with the aim to ensure a better implementation of EU initiatives and policies in the EU countries and at the same time they provide their insight to these authorities with the aim to strengthen the bottom-up approach when it comes to policy development and implementation.

As such, by participating in EU funding programmes charitable organisations will have the opportunity to provide their know-how and an essential insight from their perspective within the consortium. On a practical level, the consortium will target organisations which are deemed as charitable on a national level in Cyprus and Greece as per the provisions of the laws and regulations of each country.